Ownership Reports: Your Insight into Lakeside Villas

Welcome to the Ownership Reports section of Lakeside Villas. This dedicated space is designed to provide our valued timeshare owners with comprehensive and up-to-date information regarding the management and performance of your investment. Here, you’ll find detailed reports that offer transparency and insight into the operational aspects of our resort, including financial summaries, maintenance updates, and future development plans. Our commitment to open communication ensures that you, as an integral part of the Lakeside Villas community, are always informed and engaged with the ongoing success and stewardship of your lakeside retreat.

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2024 Annual Report & AGM Notice

Important note to reports available:

The Committee would like to advise owners that the Refurbishment Schedule is being reviewed and will be discussed at the Annual General Meeting, the one available at present in the reports is for reference only.

The Committee also wishes to advise that the Motion put forward is to be removed and will also be discussed at the meeting.  For those who have voted already – your votes will be noted on the floor in discussions.  The proxy form has been amended to reflect this.

Strategic Plan & Capital schedule for 2023

2023 Annual Report & AGM Notice

Lakeside Motion from Roger Simmons with notes

Proxy Form

AGM Minutes 2022

2022 Annual Report & AGM Notice

Proxy Form

2021 Annual Report & AGM Notice

Proxy Form

2020 Annual Report & AGM Notice

Proxy Form

2019 Annual Report & AGM Notice

Proxy Form

2018 Annual Report & AGM Notice